Vinyl Underbust Corset

Vinyl Underbust Corset
Red color

Vinyl Underbust Corset

Code: RKI-C6803


 Underbust corset:

Shaped at Top and Bottom, Zipper front with buckle detail.
Close at the back with a long lace which tightens in the middle, giving the fantastic hour glass figure.


It is traditionally made with spiral steel boning, Cotton Lining. Available in Satin, Micro, Brocade, Velvet, Leather and Vinyl (PVC) according to demand.


There is a 4 to 5 inch wide modesty panel at the back which means that the corset can be worn more loosely if needed and you will still be covered. The modesty panel can also be folded back if you want to show the skin or clothing beneath.


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