Halfbust Corset

Halfbust Corset

Halfbust Corset

Code: RKI-C6022


 Halfbust Corsets look so sext when worn.

Deep neckline make it awesome, straight at bottom and lace on back.

Corsets are always worn in a size which is smaller than your natural waist measurement. The size of a corset is the waist measurement, when fully closed.

Corset should be ordered 3” to 4” less than your actual waist measurements.

Getting the right size corset is quite complicated and it is best to leave us to choose this for you. We ask you to give your real, uncorsetted measurements (in inches or centimeters.) We will then select the right size for you.

Available in wide range of colors in satin, micro, velvet, taffeta brocade, leather and PVC (Vinyl).

If you want to order a specific corset size, please do inform us in email for ordering process.


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